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Top 15 ways to use Lucidspark in the classroom + templates!

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  • K-12
Class discussions toolkit

Class discussions
Strengthen your class community with Lucidspark's ready-made icebreaker activities. Quickly get to know every student, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

View class discussions toolkit

Class brainstorming toolkit

Class brainstorms
Foster collaborative brainstorming sessions, enabling students to share and learn from peers. Elevate the learning experience through interactive idea exchange.

View brainstorming toolkit

Response prompt toolkit

Response prompt boards
Pose questions or prompts to your class with ease. Lucidspark consolidates responses, creating a centralized view for in-person or remote learners.

View response prompt toolkit

Icebreaker toolkit

Strengthen your class community with Lucidspark's ready-made icebreaker activities. Quickly get to know every student, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

View icebreakers toolkit

Sorting and classification toolkit

Sorting and classification
Save time and copy clicks with digital sorts. Create unlimited sorts for your students using Lucidspark templates, enhancing efficiency and engagement.

View sorting and classification toolkit

Choice and explore boards

Choice and explore boards
Empower voice and choice in your classroom using Lucidspark templates. Explore boards allow pre-lesson topic exploration, while choice boards enable varied sharing methods.

View choice and explore boards toolkit

Student check-ins toolkit

Student Check-Ins
Conduct quick student check-ins effortlessly with Lucidspark Visual Activities. Leverage templates for instant reflections and engagement.

View student check-ins toolkit

Vocabulary practice toolkit

Vocabulary practice

Facilitate essential vocabulary practice across content areas. Explore Lucidspark templates, including vocabulary maps, webs, matching, sorts, Frayer Maps, and comics.

View vocabulary practice

Exit tickets toolkit

Exit tickets

Employ formative assessment with ease through visual activities. Leverage Lucidspark templates for quick data-driven insights into student responses.

View exit tickets toolkit

Timeline toolkit

Enhance event recall with timelines. Lucidspark allows students to visually lay out major events, aiding comprehension and retention.

View timeline toolkit

ELA toolkit

Elementary ELA practice

Tailored ELA templates for K-5 classrooms, covering phonics sorting, letter tiles, vocabulary matching, mind maps, four squares, and more.

View ELA toolkit

Graphic organizer toolkit

Graphic organizers
Break free from size restrictions with digital graphic organizers. Lucidspark provides an endless canvas for dynamic and expansive content organization.

View graphic organizer toolkit

Elementary math toolkit

Elementary math practice 

Explore math templates perfect for K-5 classrooms, encompassing ordering numbers, math manipulatives, fractions, matching, and more.

View math practice toolkit

Pre-writing toolkit


Simplify the complex writing process with pre-writing templates. Lucidspark guides students through step-by-step breakdowns for successful final products.

View pre-writing toolkit

Group work toolkit

Group work
Streamline group work facilitation with Lucidspark Breakout Boards. Explore templates for small group workspaces, jigsaws, and gallery walks.

View group work toolkit

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