Lucid in the Higher Education Classroom

A dynamic visual collaboration platform that enhances teaching with real-time group work, engaging activities, and cross-disciplinary adaptability.

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Applied Solutions in Higher Ed Classrooms

Group projects

Synergy in Action: Lucid for Effective Group Projects

Lucid proves invaluable for group projects. Students seamlessly collaborate and edit together, sharing a dynamic platform that encourages teamwork. In groups of 3-4, collaborative editing enables iterative improvements based on feedback, fostering an equitable contribution from all members and enhancing team dynamics by eliminating a single-driver approach.

classroom engagement

Interactive Learning Solution

Lucid's interactive activities go beyond simple polling, enabling deeper understanding and dynamic student feedback. Students engage individually, and Lucid swiftly synthesizes results, offering options to view average class responses or analyze individual student contributions, providing comprehensive insights for effective teaching.

Classroom engagement

Active Participation Strategies: Fostering Classroom Engagement

Lucid elevates student engagement by offering interactive tools and seamless peer-to-peer collaboration. With its intuitive interface, students can actively contribute, share ideas, and jointly create diagrams, promoting dynamic learning interactions. This immersive approach not only enhances comprehension but also nurtures teamwork and communication skills essential for their academic and professional growth.

Classroom brainstorm

Nurturing Thought Flow: Strategies for Effective Brainstorming

Facilitate meaningful class discussions, especially among students who may lack confidence in a specific discipline. By providing a real-time collaborative platform, students can actively contribute without feeling exposed. This approach helps dissociate their ideas from personal identity, fostering a deeper understanding and bolstering their self-assurance, ultimately leading to enhanced learning outcomes.


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