How you learn is everything.

Bring 21st century learning to your classroom. Lucid for Education is a collaborative platform that makes classroom activities resemble the real world. Enable critical thinking, creativity and communication in your school.

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The Power of 21st Century Learning

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Teach curriculum in an applicable 21st century way. Enable students to learn subjects in a creative, collaborative way.

Lucid for EDULucid for EDU

Facilitate Deep Learning

Equip students of every age with skills, understandings and mindsets needed to succeed in college and career.

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Promote Authenticity

Encourage students to learn though hands-on, collaborative projects that are relevant to their lives.

Accelerate Discovery

Teach curriculum in an applicable twenty-first century way.

What makes Lucid so great for the classroom?

It's collaborative.
Invite students & educators for easy global collaboration. Work together in real time, perfect for making classroom activities resemble the real world.
It’s intuitive.
No unnecessary bells or whistles - just a tool your students want to use.
It’s engaging.
Teaching twenty-first century skills won’t feel like a tacked on responsibility. You’ll fall in love
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