Learn without limits

Lucid for Education encourages students to be more independent in their learning. Students actively collaborate on projects in real-time and explore ideas beyond the traditional 8 1/2 by 11-inch boundaries.

Learn without limits

Unleash students' learning

Motivate independent learning

Students learn to be more self-motivated by applying their knowledge in creative, visual ways. By having an active role in their own learning, students feel more confident to explore.

Collaborate on hands-on projects

Students develop teamwork skills by collaborating on the same document, commenting on each other's work, and sharing their work in digital or printed venues.

Explore ideas more freely

Students use our limitless digital canvas to brainstorm, diagram, create, design, and more. This opens up the possibilities for how students express what they learn. Students exercise their imagination and tap into their curiosity.

Helpful Resources

Concept map tutorial video

Concept map tutorial video

Easily teach your students about concept maps and how to build one in Lucidchart with our tutorial video. Use concept maps to break down big ideas or investigate problems.

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Little Red Riding Hood Creative Flowchart

Little Red Riding Hood Creative Flowchart

This sample example shows how students can rewrite a story using flowcharts and decision trees, encouraging students to be more visually creative about what they've learned and helping them explore alternatives to a story they are familiar with.

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Rock cycle lesson plan

Rock cycle lesson plan

In this lesson, students explore the rock cycle using common materials to create a collaborative model in the form of a rock cycle diagram using Lucidchart. Use it to develop your students' creativity and collaborative skills.

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Give inquiring minds the room to roam. Explore our collection of lesson plans and templates today.

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