Read and write with mastery

Lucid for Education provides teachers and students with a comprehensive literacy toolkit to empower them in the classroom. Students use our visual platform to brainstorm, organize, and develop their ideas as they read and before they write. Teachers save time with our many graphic organizer templates, examples, and tutorials to help their students become better readers and writers.

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Read and write with mastery

Reading to apply

Whether your students need help understanding what's happening with a character or what photosynthesis is, Lucid for Education's toolkit includes strategies to use before, during, and after reading. Students will visually organize information, making connections that last and transforming that information as they move forward.

Writing with intent

Students often feel overwhelmed when faced with a writing task. Where should they start? And many go straight to writing without much organization. With Lucid for Education's toolkit, students will be able to visually go through each step of the writing process, from brainstorming to organization, ensuring that they have a solid plan before they write.

Teaching to read actively

Lucid for Education's toolkit gives teachers the most effective graphic organizers for reading comprehension. Teachers have access to ready-made resources, including examples, templates, and video tutorials, to help students grapple with complex texts and collaborate in real-time using our cloud-based digital tools.

Teaching to write with confidence

Lucid for Education's literacy toolkit gives teachers a way to engage their students more authentically in the writing process. Our framework will foster autonomy and self-motivation because students choose how to start. In addition, as students visually work through their thinking, it's much easier for teachers to spot where students might need help and track their progress.

Flexi Cert Image 1Teach deep literacy in your classroom with Lucid for Education.

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Empower students with literacy skills. Discover our literacy toolkit today.


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