Become a Lucid pro

Whether you're unsure of where to start or anxious to dig in, use our Lucidchart and Lucidpress certification trainings to learn the ins and outs of our tools. These modules walk you through basic and advanced features, practicing as you go so you can easily get up to speed and feel confident about using Lucid for Education in your classroom.

Certified Educator Course

Distinguish yourself by becoming a Lucid for Education Certified Educator. Collaborate with a community of other Lucid for Education Certified Educators, advance as an Ed Tech leader, and gain additional resources and support from the Lucid for Education team.

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Lucidchart 101

Learn everything from adding shapes to creating slides and collaborating with others in Lucidchart. Take it step-by-step or jump to the topics that interest you the most, and understand how to use Lucidchart's features with this learning module. Once you've gone through this Lucidchart training, you'll be a certified master!

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Lucidpress 101

Learn how to add text, images, and more with Lucidpress 101. Once you've got a good overview of the tool with the 101 module, you can go to feature-specific modules to learn more about what interests you. Become a Lucidpress wiz with this training!

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Lucidchart Reference Guide

Can't remember how to share your Lucidchart document or where the page settings are? Use this reference guide as your Lucidchart cheat sheet. Feel free to print this out or download it as a PDF for you and your students.

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Lucidpress Reference Guide

Need a refresher on how to add an image or external link to a Lucidpress document? We've created a short two-pager to answer your basic feature or functionality questions. You can also print or share this with your students for in-class use.

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