Learn more deeply

Lucid for Education engages students as they visually work through the content, allowing teachers to easily personalize instruction. By visualizing their learning, students cultivate self-reflection and stretch the range of their imagination.

Learn more deeply

Help students see how they learn:

Visually work through content

Students enrich their understanding of course content by mapping out their ideas, making connections to other topics or subjects, and adding images or videos.

Easily personalize instruction

Students individualize how they learn by building out diagrams and designs, making it simple for teachers to differentiate instruction according to unique learning abilities.

Cultivate self-reflection

Students clearly see not only what they learn but how they learn. By laying out the logic of their ideas and putting together visuals to share with their class and beyond, they see how their work in the classroom connects to the world around them.

Helpful Resources

Lucidchart explains the Internet

Use our quick, quirky videos to help your students discover visual learning and encourage them to visualize their own thinking. See the universe of doggos, cattos, fortnite, nopes, and a whole lot more.

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Mind map tutorial video

Easily teach your students about mind maps and how to build one in Lucidchart with our tutorial video. Use mind maps to brainstorm ideas, make connections between topics, or better understand any subject.

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Engage students through visual learning. Explore our collection of lesson plans and templates today.

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