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Our seamless integrations with your favorite LMS platforms make it easy for teachers and students to use Lucidchart in the classroom.

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Simply create a Lucidchart document and share it with students. Then they can submit their work in Canvas with a single click.

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Build dynamic, student-centered content using Lucidchart and Lucidspark. Easily and efficiently share Lucid for Education content with students.

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Google Classroom

Simply create a Lucidchart document and share it with students.

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Assignment Creator

Create and deliver templates, assignments, and lesson plans effortlessly with the power of Lucid for Education Assignment Creator.

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Lucidchart 101

Learn how to use Lucidchart’s features with this training document.

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Lucidspark 101

Learn how to use Lucidspark’s features with this toolkit.

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Lucidchart Reference Guide

A guide to use as a quick start to using Lucidchart.

Lucidspark Reference Guide

A quick start to using Lucidspark.

Empower students to succeed. Explore our collection of lesson plans and templates today.

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