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K 12 Canvas Whiteboard Activity

Canvas gets a collaborative boost! Welcome Lucidspark, your new favorite virtual whiteboard

Breathe new life into your Canvas discussions! Ditch the linear format and ignite dynamic learning with Lucidspark, a virtual collaborative whiteboard. Supercharge student participation with sticky notes, drawing tools, and real-time editing for a true brainstorming experience. But collaboration doesn't have to be chaotic! Lucidspark empowers you with facilitator tools to manage the flow, track student contributions, and guide them through activities. Unleash the collaborative potential of your classroom and watch student engagement soar!

K 12 Canvas Visual Activity Insight

Visual Activities and actionable insights

You have access to a library of pre-made Visual Activities, dynamic activities that turn qualitative feedback into actionable insights, and templates that promote active participation across all learning styles. Equipped with facilitator controls, you can guide discussions and utilize Lucid's magic—visual reports! These insights summarize student responses and individual contributions, giving you valuable insights and saving you time on grading.

K 12 Canvas Feedback

Empower student understanding & free up time for what matters most

Bring assignments and discussions to life! Embed interactive elements and real-time collaborative templates directly within Canvas. Go beyond multiple-choice with visual representations in quizzes, and gain deeper insights into student understanding. Plus, our extensive library of pre-made activities reduces prep time, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your students.

K 12 Canvas Imagesovertext

Visual learning and deeper understanding

Ready to ditch the text-heavy approach? Lucid offers a variety of visual tools like mind maps, flowchart, and concept maps. Leveraging these tools transform complex topics into engaging visuals that boost student engagement, improve retention, and lead to a deeper understanding of the material.

The ultimate guide to Lucid for Education

Master any subject with tutorials for every classroom

Dive deep into specific topics with our library of bite-sized, tailored video tutorials. Learn at your own pace and discover effective strategies for engaging students.

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Spark creativity and save time with templates for all ages and subjects

Ditch the blank page! Explore thousands of ready-made templates specifically designed for various grade levels and subjects. Find inspiration, save time, and ignite student learning with ease.

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Connect and collaborate, join the Lucid for Education community

Share best practices, exchange ideas, and get support from a network of passionate educators. The Lucid for Education community is where you can learn, grow, and elevate your teaching practice.

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