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Use this student registration template to help visualize the application and acceptance process. Sign up for Lucidchart and try this template for free.

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student registration template

What is the student registration template?

This template shows the process map for students to register for school or a course. It includes fields for information like application acceptance, if the student met the required standards, and application status. This template would be helpful for schools, including universities, and workshops.

Benefits of using the student registration template

Using the student registration form template, you can visualize the student application and acceptance process. By doing so, you’ll better understand the process from start to finish, including where it could be improved. You’ll be able to streamline student registration forms and save time and paperwork by eliminating redundancies.

The template is easy to use and it’s simple to customize to meet your organization's needs. As you use it, you can also quickly share it with collaborators and stakeholders to get feedback and buy-in as you make changes.

How to use the student registration template in Lucidchart

This template already has a sample process filled in, so take a look if you’d like an example. From there, you can rearrange as needed. Drag and drop shapes to the right spot, edit or add text, and add more custom shapes to make the process fit your organization.

To make your registration map dynamic, you can import relevant data. The template will automatically update as you update the data in your source, keeping your process map current.

Share your student registration map via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or with another of Lucidchart’s many integrations. Once shared, collaborate with team members or other stakeholders to keep everyone aligned.

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