Lucid in Business Education: Experiential Learning Activities

Lucid empowers students to dive into content with immediate practicality, elevating the educational experience within the business field.

Elevate the educational experience within the business field

Process modeling at the University of Toronto

In the realm of Business Process Modeling, Lucidchart has proven invaluable to Dr. Kirsch’s approach at the University of Toronto. Recognizing students’ desire for practical, hands-on learning experiences, Dr. Kirsch sought a tool that would enable them to swiftly engage and produce tangible outcomes. Lucidchart emerged as the solution of choice, allowing students to dive into the subject matter without the complexities of mastering software. Its user-friendly interface facilitated immediate utilization, fostering real results and meaningful learning experiences that align with students’ needs and expectations.

Experience mapping at Brigham Young University

Lucidchart plays a pivotal role in Dr. Mat Duerden’s experience design and management. Students engage with Lucidchart to delve into experience mapping, design thinking, prototyping, and model creation. Dr. Duerden leverages both existing templates and custom designs to illustrate various experience maps. Students collaborate with different companies to craft detailed experience maps. The majority of the class revolves around collaborative projects, showcasing Lucidchart’s ability to foster teamwork, strategic visualization, and hands-on learning in the realm of experience design and management.

ERD Diagrams at the University of Tennessee

Students use Entity-Relationship Diagrams to model real-world scenarios such as procurement processes. Guided by their instructor, students collaboratively design in groups, transforming theoretical concepts into visual representations that mirror actual business operations. Through engaging scenarios and database components, they acquired hands-on experience in structuring data, fostering comprehensive understanding. By utilizing Lucidchart, students not only grasp the intricacies of diagramming but also cultivate essential technological and collaborative proficiencies for real-world business dynamics.


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