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UML diagram

UML diagramming

Utah Valley University leverages Lucidchart to enhance the teaching of UML Class Diagrams. By integrating Lucidchart into their curriculum, students can collaboratively create intricate class diagrams that depict relationships between objects and classes. This enables a deeper understanding of programming concepts and helps foster critical thinking and design skills, ultimately preparing them for real-world software development scenarios.

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ERD diagram

ERD diagramming

Betsy, an Information Technology instructor at Macomb Community College, tackled the challenge of collaborative programming by adopting Lucidchart. This shift allowed students to seamlessly collaborate on diagrams within Canvas, their Learning Management System (LMS), eliminating version-related complexities. As a result, group work became more efficient, feedback was immediate, and engagement was enhanced.

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scrum template

Scrum methodologies

Iowa State University College of Engineering harnesses the power of Lucidchart for effective implementation of Scrum methodologies, utilizing Kanban and Scrum templates. By incorporating Lucidchart’s versatile platform, students gain hands-on experience in agile project management techniques, visualizing workflows, and optimizing team collaboration. The use of pre-designed templates streamlines the creation of Scrum boards and Kanban boards, enabling students to focus on applying Scrum principles to real-world engineering scenarios.

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