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The Lucid for Education Learning Suite is an integrated tool-set that unites every stage of the learning process. Through the learner's journey students have the ability to seek, conceptualize, and demonstrate their understanding. Our learning suite provides educators a framework to transition students through each step of their journey while helping them recognize how they learn as an individual.

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Lucidspark helps make students aware of their current understanding. It collects what they currently know and allows them to then make connections to the topic at hand. By having their peers go through the same exercise, students are exposed to viewpoints and biases that they may not have otherwise thought of. By coming to know how to leverage what they already know, students are more ready to conceptualize what they want to know.

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Lucidchart allows students to conceptualize what it is they want to know. They have access to graphic organizers to create an index for different sub-topics they want to keep track of. The comment system allows peers and educators to provide rapid feedback while attaching the context of the discussion to individual elements. Students also aren't limited to standard document sizes and formats. In Lucidchart, they can place objects and media anywhere that makes sense to them on an infinite canvas. By helping students form an understanding of their new knowledge, they are more ready to reinforce that knowledge through demonstration.

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Lucidpress makes it simple to demonstrate learning by providing an easy to use creation tool that can be output to multiple media sources. Lucidpress documents can be published to the web, social media, email, newsletters, fliers as well as countless other formats with just a single document. By giving students a place to demonstrate their understanding to their peers and community, they'll be able to reinforce what they've learned for an even deeper understanding. This allows them to make use of that knowledge to make connections to new topics, beginning the learning journey anew.

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