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Concept Maps at Penn State

Concept maps

At Penn State Lehigh Valley, students struggled with key concepts in introductory Biology courses, leading to a reliance on rote memorization for exams and high program drop-out rates. Recognizing this challenge, Dr. Karen Kackley-Dutt and Eileen Grodziak implemented concept mapping since they knew a solid understanding of concepts was crucial for future success. And they were right; concept mapping yielded increased achievement on exams and higher performance in future major courses.

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shape library

Lucid shape library

April, a University of Arizona medical student, leverages Lucidchart to create concept maps, integrating images and customized shapes, to help her digest complex course material. Seeing how it all connects has increased her ability to retain the knowledge and use it in novel situations. April’s experience demonstrates how Lucidchart simplifies complex concepts, aiding students in navigating intricate topics with clarity and creativity.

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Class collaboration

North Carolina State University professors sought an intuitive diagramming solution to engage students in biotechnology ethics. Lucidchart emerged as the ideal fit due to its compatibility with G Suite and collaborative capabilities. Adopting Lucidchart for classes in Metagenomics and Bioethics, Dr. Carlos Goller found students benefiting from time-saving features like keyboard shortcuts, auto-layout, and drag-and-drop technology. Students valued its intuitive nature, with one expressing a transformative shift in diagramming perception.

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